An important aspect of any real estate acquisition in Colorado is determining whether the property lies within the boundaries of one or more special districts.

due_dilligenceThrough examining the powers, duties, tax and fee structure, debt authority and limitations of special districts, McGeady Becher can provide recommendations to assist purchasers in making informed business decisions.

As a result of our extensive experience practicing special district law, our Firm understands what is important to developers, builders, lenders and purchasers. We can efficiently and effectively obtain, review and analyze documents governing the organization and operation of the district to understand not only the burdens, but also the benefits that may result from inclusion of property within a special district.

In performing our special district due diligence services, we review public records, including organizational documents, electoral and service plan authority, budgets and audits, and analyze outstanding debt and other encumbrances on property imposed by special districts. We help our clients determine a district’s impact on the bottom line of their land acquisition deals and how a district may be utilized to benefit a purchaser in the financing of public infrastructure and provision of services.

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